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The Top 5 Foods That Taste Better When Drunk, According to Americans

See if you agree with the top spot.

You get ready for a night out and whisper to your liver that you're taking it easy tonight. Next thing you know, it's well past midnight, you've downed one too many sage-infused vodka sodas at your new favorite speakeasy, and you're beyond ravenous. If you could have any meal at this moment, what would your ultimate drunk food be?

A new survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll and Bitchin' Sauce set out to discover our nation's snacking habits when drunk—and the results are in! According to the poll, 82 percent of Americans reach for snacks when they're drunk, and—unsurprisingly enough—more than 50 percent of those folks regret it the next day. More specifically, the research addresses the reasons people regret drunk snacking: 62 percent regret the calories ingested, 50 percent regret the stomach issues that follow a drunken binge, and 48 percent regret the mess made while snacking (in fact, 40 percent woke up with food in their bed the next day—yikes!).

However, most Americans find that their drunkenness is incomplete without an edible nightcap: 64 percent admitted that they think eating after a boozy night will prevent or decrease the severity of the impending hangover. Our united state of drunkenness must truly believe this because 74 percent of survey participants report buying snacks before they go out to drink, spending about $420 a year on noshes. So what exactly do Americans choose to eat, and what foods do they think taste better when they're under the influence? See what this survey had to say.

Top 5 foods that taste better when drunk


French fries

Straight on mcdonalds fries

We're surprised fries didn't make it to the top three. Only 27 percent of survey respondents voted for fries. In fact, the oil-doused spuds got beat by their crunchy cousin.



Bowl potato chips

They're easy to snack on and you probably already have them stocked in your pantry, so it's no surprise that potato chips usurped fourth place.


Chicken wings

Chicken wings and beer

Crispy, saucy chicken wings cracked the top three with 30 percent of votes. We're not surprised this bar food favorite made the top three.


Fast food


Coming in at second place, fast food garnered 32 percent of votes. We just wonder which of the most popular fast food items people are eating.



Margherita pizza

No surprise here, the divine dough, cheese, and tomato sauce combo stole the drunk hearts of 38 percent of survey respondents.

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