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How to Get Two Free Apple Pies From McDonald's This Week

All you need is a certain app (and a big appetite).

If Americans know one thing, it's that nothing beats a Big Mac and fries from McDonald's….except a Big Mac and fries delivered straight to your front door.

Well, starting today, McDonald's delivery just got a whole lot sweeter—literally. McDonald's has teamed up with UberEats to offer not one but two free apple pies throughout the next week. The promotion is available starting today, Friday, December 13th, through Thursday, December 19th, on all McDonald's orders made through UberEats.

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According to a USA Today report, all you need to do is hit a $15 order threshold. Then, just add two apple pies to your order. They should automatically ring up as $0—no codes or promotional coupons needed. Best of all, the $4.99 UberEats delivery fee ended earlier this year, too.

And if you haven't had one of the apple pies in a while, it's time to give them a second try. Last year, McDonald's revamped its longstanding apple pie recipe. Unlike the old pies, this new version—which it's calling the Baked Apple Pie—features a lattice-laced top crust and a healthy heaping of cinnamon apples on the inside. The dessert has taken on more than 40 variations since it was released in 1968, with changes involving its fillings, the way it's baked, and even the design on the top of the pastry. Now, you can see for yourself (and for free, we'll note again) how this newest variation stacks up. Bama Companies, the company behind the sweet treat, whips up about 2 million apple pies per day for McDonald's to distribute at 14,000 locations. So, yeah, they're pretty popular.

The only thing you need to worry about is how you're going to order $15 of fast food from a notoriously inexpensive establishment. And that, you might want to check out The Least (and Most) Popular Items at McDonald's—Ranked!

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