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The Secret Way to Score Free McDonald's Right Now

From now until the end of June, you can reap the benefits of free fast food by doing this one thing.
McDonald's-adds-bacon-to-three-menu items

McDonald's is making a massive effort to help brighten your spirits during the quarantine. Their secret? Free French fries…along with a list of other discounts and food on-the-house.

That's right, the home of the World Famous Fries is giving out free medium size French fries for anyone who downloads the McDonald's app and registers from now and until June 28. You don't even have to order a McDouble, chicken McNuggets, or even a chocolate shake.

There's another way you can get those unrivaled French fries for absolutely free, and that's if you make a purchase of at least $1 through the mobile app on Fridays. Speaking of a dollar, in some regions of the U.S., if you spend that much on a Monday on the app, you can get a complimentary McCafe Latte, Macchiato, or Mocha. Now, that's the kind of me pick-me-up we need on a Monday—even during the pandemic.

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If those deals don't already have you plotting your next McDonald's run, there's more where they came from. The rest of the national deals include the following:

  • Grab a hot coffee for just 99 cents—every single day—when you use the app.
  • $1 off a large order of French fries, which can be redeemed once every week.
  • Buy five McCafe drinks and get one for free.

Depending on where you live and how much you use the mobile app, you may be able to score a lot more freebies and deals. For example, in some areas, you could buy a combo meal and get a McFlurry or even a Happy Meal for free. Another deal that may be available to you is free French fries (small) with a 10-piece chicken Mcnuggets order.

Wherever you're located, McDonald's is hooking you up with the deals from now until the end of June, so make sure to take advantage of them while you can by downloading the app and ordering away. You'll also want to take advantage now, consisering there are 7 things you may never see at McDonald's ever again thanks to the pandemic.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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