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Gene Simmons Shared His Super Weird Breakfast Habit: Cereal with Ice Cubes

He's reportedly kept this behavior up for three decades.

Is there anyone on the planet more quintessentially rock-'n'-roll than Gene Simmons? As the frontman of KISS, he's been churning out rock standards since 1970. He made bass guitar cool. His on-stage persona is literally "The Demon." His current—and final—tour, which kicks off later this month and carries through 2021, is called "The End of the World Road Tour." (So metal.)

Well, at the turn of the New Year, Simmons made the perhaps least rock-'n'-roll proclamation of all time: Apparently, he eats his cereal with ice cubes in the milk. As he asked in a Tweet earlier this week, "Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?"

Now, we don't want to knock the rock god's intentions. After all, no one likes warm cereal. (Just eat oatmeal, folks.) But there are plenty ways to keep your cereal cool without watering it down. For instance, as one person suggested, you could freeze milk in ice cube trays (which works great for coffee, too):

Another Twitter user suggested chilling the bowl:

And one person had the genius idea of the obvious: just storing milk in the fridge:

At the end of the day, though, there's little chance of a change. As Nick Simmons, The Demon's son himself, quipped on Twitter, apparently papa Simmons has been eating cereal this way for thirty years:

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