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Godiva Is Releasing Four All-New Flavors for Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so is this special treat.

Say what you will about flowers and teddy bears. When it comes to Valentine's Day, chocolate is the best gift. And sure, you could head to your local drugstore and pick up yet another heart-shaped box of cheap candy. That'll do the trick. Or, you could kick things up a notch and invest in some hand-crafted, higher-end chocolates. Good thing, then, that one of the world's leading chocolatiers is releasing a special, limited-edition line just for the occasion.

Yes, Godiva, the world-class century-old Belgian chocolatier, is releasing a dedicated Valentine's Day-themed line. The collection, as designed by chef-chocolatier Jean Apostolou, will sell in entirety for $34.95 and the four new chocolate additions are meant to tell a story. And yes, you're supposed to enjoy them in order—a four-act tale of chocolatey bliss. Here are the four chocolates:

  • Intense Ganache: This chocolate begins the love tale on a particularly creamy note. Ganache, as you probably already know, is a luscious filling comprised of chocolate and cream—you know, the melt-in-your-mouth kind of delicious? Apostolou used Mexican origin chocolate for a particular reason; he wanted the first chocolate in the love tale to be symbolic of when the ancient Mayans first introduced chocolate to the Americas.
  • Cacao Honey Delight: Inspired by the introduction of chocolate in Europe, Apostolou paired cacao with honey, supposedly the "original sweetener used when chocolate was first served to the Europeans."
  • Praliné Dream: What love story is complete without any mention of the first praline? The chocolate shell that's stuffed with hazelnut paste is a perennial favorite.
  • Modern Love: The love story ends with a delicately shaped chocolate, the core of which contains the most V-day treat of all V-day treats: sweet strawberry filling.

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The real icing on the cake is the Parisian-inspired, Olympia Le-Tan packaging that's embellished with quintessential Valentine's Day symbols: roses, doves, little love notes, and, of course, hearts. Oh, and did we mention the light pink chocolate box is in the shape of a heart?

If traditional Valentine's Day chocolates or larger boxes with more variety are more your speed (we're looking at you, cherry cordials) Godiva will still supply classic Gold Ballotin and fabric heart boxes filled with assorted chocolates and truffles. You can get those wherever chocolates are sold. And for more great romantic gifts, here are 45 Popular Valentine's Day Candies—Ranked!

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