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Guy Fieri Photoshopped His Face Onto Baby Yoda, and Fans Don't Know How to React

What Baby Yoda meme will rock the internet next week?

Ever since Baby Yoda was introduced to the world in the November 7th premiere of Disney+'s The Mandalorian, the internet has been in love. The fuzzy little fella has been the subject of memes, fan art, origami instructions, Starbucks Frappuccinoscakes, Christmas ornaments, and even love songs.

But now, he's achieved the perhaps most immortal treatment yet—as a meme with an overlay of Guy Fieri's face:

On December 2nd, the Food Network celebrity tweeted a photo of Baby Yoda all dolled up with Guy Fieri's sartorial trademarks: liberally gelled hair, a wispy goatee, and backward black Oakley sunglasses. Yes, on paper, it sounds like the stuff of nightmares. But some fans actually liked it.

"Man, I'm so happy you used this website," wrote one fan on Twitter. "Show me the ways of the Flavortown," requested another. Even the popular Twitter account @ArtDecider deemed the post as "Art."

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Some folks, however, weren't exactly fans. "Too far, this has gone," one user joked. "Delete this," stated another. One person even called it "cursed."

Fieri is, of course, no stranger to internet ire. "The internet can't stop making fun of Guy Fieri," reads one 2013 headline in The Atlantic. "We've all been [mean] to Guy Fieri," someone wrote for The Takeout in 2017. His catchphrase, "Welcome to Flavortown," is the butt of countless jokes. (To be fair, it is a goofy saying.) Fieri even admitted in a recent Esquire interview that, yeah, he's well aware that "people laugh at me."

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Fieri hasn't let any of this get to him, though, and has kept the post pinned to the top of his Twitter account all week long. So far, it's racked up nearly 200,000 likes.

A new episode of The Mandalorian hits Disney+ every Friday for the rest of the month. Tune in to see what memes will shake up the internet over the coming weeks. And for more fun from a galaxy far, far away, you'll want to see that Starbucks Added a New Baby Yoda-Inspired Frappuccino to Its Secret Menu.

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