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Your Valentine's Day in Health: Heart-Shaped Pizzas & Free Yogurt

Plus: How to Get Olympic-Inspired Wings at BWW.

1. Everywhere You Can Get Heart-Shaped Pizza Today

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're celebrating with a romantic date night or by yourself with a bottle of wine (which, same), this is everywhere you can order a heart-shaped pizza today –

Papa John's: At participating restaurants, you can grab a medium one-topping heart-shaped pizza on thin crust along with a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie or brownie for $15 or two medium one-topping heart-shaped pizzas for $18.

Papa Murphy's: All the Papas are hooking us up today. This take-and-bake chain is offering the festive pies at a store near you.

Pizza Hut: The Hut is offering a deal similar to Papa John's. Order a heart-shaped pizza and a giant dessert in the form of a chocolate chip cookie or oversized brownie for $18.99.

2. Chobani Wants to Give Free Yogurt to Everyone in America

The Greek yogurt company is celebrating 10 years as one of the leaders in the industry by dosing out cups of the breakfast favorite to all its loyal fans.

From now until March 4, yogurt fans can go online and print a coupon redeemable at grocery stores all over the country (except New Jersey and Louisiana). From there, they can be traded for any single item of Chobani 5.3-ounce Greek Yogurt, Flip 5.3-ounce yogurt snacks, 10-ounce drinkable yogurts, or 2 packs of Smooth. Read the full story from PR Newswire.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings is Offering Golden Wings in Honor of the Olympics

Last night, America won its 100th gold medal in Winter Olympics history (thanks, Shaun White!), earning us the number two spot behind Norway for most gold medals ever. And to celebrate, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering wings topped with flakes of gold this month while supplies last. The sports bar will add gold glitter to your chicken if you tell them "bling my wings."

But don't worry: Unlike some dishes that add real gold to their food and thousands of dollars to the price, BWW's bling is free of charge, because it's composed of tasteless sugar added after the wings are tossed in one of the restaurant's 21 signature sauces. Read the full story from Food Newsfeed.

4. A New, Diabetic-Friendly Gelato Could Be On the Rise

Healthy gelato is on its way, and we couldn't be more excited. New technology from Italy aims to take the sugar, but not the taste, out of the creamy dessert to make it more diabetic-friendly. Before this, it was impossible to make gelato without added sugar, or at least sugar alcohols, because the ingredient was necessary to maintain the dessert's consistency.

But now, thanks to the talents of original gelato makers across the pond, special machines are in the works that will balance the other ingredients and create a sugar-free product identical to the sweet stuff. This will by no means make gelato a health food, but for those who couldn't indulge before, it will create a better ice cream alternative. Read the full story from NPR.

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