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Video Shows TV News Anchor Suffering Stroke Live on Air. Here are the Symptoms to Watch For.

Here’s what Julie Chin says about her on-air stroke.
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News anchor Julie Chin suffered what she later described as "the beginnings of a stroke" live on air during a TV broadcast. "Something is going on with me this morning, and I apologize," the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based anchor said at the time, before the station cut to meteorologist Anne Brown. Chin later updated everyone via a Facebook post, where she explained what happened. "The past few days are still a little bit of a mystery, but my doctors believe I had the beginnings of a stroke live on the air Saturday morning. Some of you witnessed it firsthand, and I'm so sorry that happened," Chin said. Here are the symptoms to watch for, as per Chin's account. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID.


Losing Vision and Feeling

Losing her vision, and her arm and hand going numb, were the first symptoms of stroke Chin experienced. "The episode seemed to have come out of nowhere," she says. "I felt great before our show. However, over the course of several minutes during our newscast, things started to happen. First, I lost partial vision in one eye. A little bit later my hand and arm went numb."


Speech Issues

Woman Feeling Nauseous

Chin says she knew something was seriously wrong when she struggled to speak. "Then, I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth would not speak the words that were right in front of me on the teleprompter," she says. "If you were watching Saturday morning, you know how desperately I tried to steer the show forward, but the words just wouldn't come."


Always Call 911

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Chin went through multiple tests to find out what might have happened. "My co-workers recognized the emergency situation unfolding and called 911," Chin says. "Anne, Jordan, TJ, and Kaden, I'm so grateful for your quick action. I've always said I work on the best team, and this is one more reason why. I've spent the last few days in the hospital undergoing all sorts of tests. I'm thankful for the emergency responders and medical professionals who have shared their expertise, hearts, and smiles with me. My family, friends, and KJRH family have also covered me in love and covered my shifts. My Dad jokes this is the first extended period of time I've spent by myself since my son was born, and he's right."


Not A Full Stroke

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According to Chin's account, she had the beginnings of a stroke but not a full one. "I'm glad to share that my tests have all come back great. At this point, Doctors think I had the beginnings of a stroke, but not a full stroke. There are still lots of questions, and lots to follow up on, but the bottom line is I should be just fine. Most importantly I've learned that it's not always obvious when someone has a stroke, and action is critical."


An Acronym To Remember

symptom of stroke cerebral. asymmetry of the face. angioedema

Chin shared an acronym that doctors recommend people keep in mind to remember signs of a stroke: "This acronym helps identify the symptoms to look for: BE FAST and then if needed, be fast and call 911.

B.alance (Sudden loss of balance)

E.yes (Sudden vision changes)

F.ace (Facial droop)

A.rms (One arm drifts downward)

S.peech (Slurred/confused speech)

T.ime & Terrible headache.

I'd appreciate your continued prayers as we do a little more testing and we continue to look into this," she says. (The today show shared a clip of the video.) For more information on the signs and symptoms of stroke, go here. We wish Chin all the best!

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