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Stanley Tucci Making a Negroni is the Only Video You Need to Watch Today

The famous actor whips up the cocktail in a new, must-see Instagram video.

You already know Stanley Tucci is an incredible actor, having starred in a variety of hit movies such as Big NightSpotlight, and Burlesque. But, did you know that he's also an amateur bartender?

Well, after watching his latest Instagram video, you'll be fully up-to-speed with the many talents of Mr. Tucci. In the 3-minute video, he whips up a negroni at home that's perfect for quarantine times:


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Captioned, "Drink up!" followed by a martini emoji, Tucci stares into the camera with a slightly quizzical (almost unamused) look in his eyes before the person filming him asks, "What are you going to make me?"

Tucci responds, with almost no evident shift in facial expression: "A Negroni, would you like one?"

But before he can begin his tutorial, and in true Tucci fashion, he asks if it would be alright for him to retrieve his glass of wine nearby. Not that he needs it to enhance his performance—his innate soothing voice and subtle eloquence grace the Instagram world all on their own.

He begins putting a "fair amount of ice" in the cocktail shaker and jokingly instructs to "use your hands, 'cause it's the most hygienic way of getting ice into a shaker." Next, he adds in a double shot of gin, followed by a shot of good sweet vermouth, and a single shot of Campari that he points out is "made in Milan."

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Then, he shakes it all up and pours the contents into a coupe (although he mentions a martini glass is also acceptable).

As for the garnish, he adorns this classic cocktail with a pre-sliced orange wedge, after lightly squeezing (which he does with his bare hands) some of the juice into the cocktail. He adds, "Don't let anyone see you handle it like that, and there you are, that's that."

After taking a sip, he says with a mischievous grin, "that's good." We have no doubt that it is, Tucci!

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