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Hungryroot: The New Company That Makes Healthy Eating a Breeze

Meet Hungryroot, the company that—unlike your mother—doesn't mind if you lick the spoon. In fact, they encourage it.

You've probably seen delectable treats like chickpea chocolate chip cookies and spiralized veggie pastas all over your Instagram feed. But we know that many of you have never had the confidence, time, or proper tools to give these new, healthy recipes a go. Which is unfortunate, because many of these mouthwatering concoctions are actually pretty good for you.

But thanks to Hungryroot, a new startup on a mission to make fast food a fresh and nutritious option, you won't ever have to wonder what black bean brownie batter or sweet potato noodles taste like again—because you'll have some ready to eat in your very own fridge. The company is bringing tasty veggies to the center of your plate with their line of all-natural, gluten-free, vegan meals, sides, sweets, and spreads that are nutrient-dense, low-calorie, and ridiculously delicious.

Hungryroot spiralized small

In terms of convenience, every dish is fully prepped in its package and is ready-to-eat in less than seven minutes. (The cookies take up to 20, but because they're eggless, you might end up eating the dough before it even makes it to the oven.) And if you don't think you'll be able to gobble up your dishes during the eight days they remain good to eat, don't fret! Each product comes bundled in a freezable package so you can keep them fresh until you're ready. (We suggest keeping them on hand for those crazy busy days when you have zero time to cook.) As for the taste, you will be floored by how good these items are to your taste buds. (If you follow us on Snapchat, you might have seen our editors swooning over their stuff in our live taste test!)

Curious how can you get your hands on the stuff? Hungryroot is on sale through the brand's website, Amazon Fresh, and Fresh Direct. (One of our editors spotted a promo yesterday for 20% off on the Hungryroot site if you use the code "NATIONWIDE"; give it a try!) And when you're short on time and looking for something to whip up in a jiffy, look out for their products in Whole Foods. Your waistline will thank you.

Olivia Tarantino
Olivia Tarantino is the Managing Editor of Eat This, Not That!, specializing in nutrition, health, and food product coverage. Read more about Olivia