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This Grocery Store Chain Now Offers Rapid COVID Testing

And it's possible to get your results in as little as one hour, the company says.
doctor or healthcare worker in protective wear, medical mask and face shield making coronavirus test and taking sample from patient

Grocery stores and pharmacies are ramping up coronavirus services for customers as 2020 comes to an end. Walmart says it will offer a vaccine at 5,000+ stores, and now, grocery store Hy-Vee has a new rapid COVID-19 testing option at drive-thru pharmacies in several midwestern states.

Currently, Hy-Vee is conducting these tests at 18 locations in eight midwestern states, with 29 to be added before 2021, the company recently announced. Anyone who is currently symptomatic or who is asymptomatic but has been exposed to someone who tested positive can get the rapid antigen test, and they can receive results in as little as one or two hours. (One way to keep yourself safe right now is to take The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

To get the test, patients must first register on the Hy-Vee website and fill out a questionnaire. Then, two test options will be available: the rapid test, and a self-administered lab test. Those who select the rapid test option will receive a test voucher number, testing site, and time. At the appointment, customers should stay in their cars with a mask on. A trained Hy-Vee pharmacy employee will take the payment and then swab the nose. The company says the whole testing process should take less than two minutes, and results are sent via email within two hours.

Costs for the rapid COVID-19 test vary by pharmacy location. However, the lab test, coordinated by eTrueNorth, is free, and you can expect results via email in three to five business days.

Of the 47 Hy-Vee pharmacy locations that will offer the rapid test, 19 are in Iowa, 10 are in Illinois, three in Kansas, five in Minnesota, four in Missouri, three in Nebraska, two in South Dakota, and one in Wisconsin.

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Amanda McDonald
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