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4 Inspiring Weight Loss Stories, From Those Who Kept It Off

Learn from real women who were able to lose—and maintain—weight loss successfully.

In terms of weight loss, what works for some doesn't work for others, which is why every weight loss story is different. Yet no matter what, determination and hard work are qualities you always see in an inspiring weight loss story—and it's these kinds of stories that always motivate us.

We asked some weight-loss champions about what it took to cross the finish line, and what practices they've continued to maintain their weight loss for good. Here are a few inspiring weight loss stories that brought us to tears, and even motivated us to take charge of our own health for good. Remember, while some of these weight loss strategies worked for some, every single body is different. Make sure to consult your physician before making any significant changes for your health.


Kelly Hogan, 122 pounds

kelly hogan before and after weight loss
Courtesy of Kelly Hogan

Kelly Hogan once weighed 262 pounds and tried everything and anything to lose weight. That was until her doctor prescribed her a very low-carb diet (protein and some vegetables) that things started to turn around for Hogan. After adopting a zero-carb carnivore diet, she was able to finally lose weight and has maintained her weight loss at 140 pounds. The secret for her inspiring weight loss? Eating a diet higher in protein and fat has been sustainable (and satisfying) for her, which has been important in maintaining her weight loss. Since she is no longer eating carbs, her blood sugar doesn't spike so her sugar cravings are gone for good.

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Dina Bigsworth, 110 pounds

dina bigsworth before and after losing weight
Courtesy of Dina Bigsworth

Moving to Australia from Hawaii 10 years ago resulted in a lot of weight gain for Dina Bigsworth. She went from a highly active, outdoors lifestyle to a full-time homebody. After two years in Australia, she got pregnant and her weight gain just kept going up. Once she gave birth, Bigsworth stopped working and fell into a depression for several years. She found herself gaining even more weight and was easily prone to anger.

Then, a couple of years ago, when Bigsworth couldn't find anything decent to wear to a party, she decided it was time to make a change. She started to experiment with different dietary approaches and found eating more low-carb foods (protein and vegetables) and counting out her calories and macros helped her finally lose weight. Her calorie distribution consists of 15 percent from carbs (exclusively from vegetables), 35 percent from protein and 50 percent from fat. Along with her eating formula, she likes to incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts into her weekly routine. Between these changes, Bigsworth was able to lose 110 pounds.


Lydia E., 40 pounds

lydia e before and after weight loss
Courtesy of Lydia E.

In her teenage years, Lydia was diagnosed with PCOS, and found out years later the excruciating pain during her periods was a result of endometriosis. Between her diagnosis and the loss of her grandmother, Lydia felt inspired to make a change in her life. So after 12 years of experimenting with many diets without seeing results, she found incorporating intermittent fasting into her diet helped with losing the extra weight she was managing. She fasts for 16 hours a day and opens her eating window for 8 hours. Before eating, she starts off her day with some sort of caffeinated beverage—such as coffee, tea, or an energy drink—and then sips on water with lemon for the remainder of the day. She also incorporated regular exercise into her routine and walks about 3 to 5 miles a day. By controlling her eating habits and creating new routines, Lydia was able to lose 40 pounds.


Donna Dube, 145 pounds

donna dube before and after weight loss
Courtesy of Donna Dube

Since working as a Nursing Director, Donna Dube has always known the negative impacts of living an unhealthy lifestyle. But it wasn't until she took a closer look at a photo of herself that she reflected on her own unhealthy habits. Being a wife, mother, and grandmother, this 62-year-old woman knew she needed to make a change. After experimenting with different dieting practices, Dube knew counting calories wouldn't be an effective method for losing weight. One day, she read about the benefits of fasting and was instantly hooked. Between her new fasting routine, setting weight loss goals, and joining some online support groups, Dube was finally able to lose the 145 pounds for good.

Lucy Caso
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