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Jennifer Aniston's #1 Workout Tip

We've all envied Jen's bod in that sultry We're The Millers scene. So when her trainer reveals tricks to get flat abs fast, we take 'em and run. Literally!
Jennifer Aniston

Whether she's flaunting her flawless skin in a TV ad or stripping down to a bikini in her latest movie scene, Jennifer Aniston's body is always on point. While we already know that her diet is filled with nutrient-dense foods and that she doesn't skip breakfast, Jen's workouts also play a significant role in how she gets red carpet-ready.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Aniston's personal trainer, Kathy Kaehler — who has also worked with Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts — reveals how off-screen superstars like us can achieve rocking bodies. So let's get to Kaehler's best-kept tips to frying fat.

"I think walking is the best way to stay in shape for life. It's easy, you can do it anywhere, you can do it alone or with someone . . . A routine of walking after every meal to help digestion is my favorite habit," Kathy shares.

But rather than sticking to your boring old treadmill routine in hopes of toning up, Kaehler wholeheartedly believes in lifting weights to lose weight and gain definition. "You really need to add in the weight training to put resistance on the muscle and get that body to change," she explains to the Daily Mail. "When I worked with Drew Barrymore for Charlie's Angels we did a lot of cross-training. I had her doing sprints on a tennis court, jump rope, weights, balance, Pilates."

Out of breath yet? Thankfully, these exercises don't require a fancy gym membership or piggy bank-breaking equipment. In fact, you can do many of these at home using your own bodyweight!

"[Strength training] could be [done] at the gym with the weight machines, it could be with the dumbbells in your house. It could be all body weights so doing squats and lunges and pushups and pull-ups and planks—all of those kinds of things that are putting resistance on that muscle," the fitness guru clarifies in the Daily Mail interview. She especially recommends saving one day a week for rest.

Although it seems doable enough, finding motivation is where most of us hit a rut. So if you wake up contemplating hitting the snooze button, consider this key piece of advice: "I always tell people don't wait. Don't wait until it's too late. Even though our bodies are resilient and we've seen people in their late 80s have muscle gains and have their bodies turn around. Why go through that?" Kathy says. Exercise is "a mood booster, it will improve the quality of your life, it will reduce risk of disease. For me it's such a no-brainer; how would you not exercise?" We're definitely convinced—and for more, don't miss these 50 Best-Ever Weight Loss Tips.