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Jennifer Garner Can't Live Without This $26 Reusable Coffee Cup

See what makes the KeepCup so special. Plus, you can buy it on Amazon!

Fact: Jennifer Garner cares about the environment. She's shone the spotlight on saving the bees and, as an ambassador for Neutrogena, she's regularly shown up for environmental awareness events as far back as 2013. She's even focused her attention on the growing issue of single-use cups and switched over to a sustainable option—and for less than $30, you can follow in the star's footsteps and get the same reusable coffee cup she swears by, too.

Enter: KeepCup. The Australian brand makes reusable glass coffee cups that have, over the past five years, rocketed to the top of reusable cup sales, thanks in no small part to spotlights from major news studios (like BBC and ABC) and that increasingly decisive endorsement: the coveted Amazon's Choice badge. And now, the KeepCup brand stands to reach even greater heights, after Garner's affection for the environmentally-friendly coffee cup was noticed this week by People magazine. As they pointed out, KeepCup has been on heavy rotation for Garner since at least 2018, and an Instagram post from the company seems to confirm this:

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KeepCup's stated goal is to challenge convenience culture: the widespread use of single-use cups and containers that are inflicting irreversible, undeniable harm to the planet. The KeepCup, which is made of fully-tempered soda-lime glass and sheathed in a naturally-sourced cork band, is built to barista-grade specifications so coffee-lovers can keep their good thing with Starbucks going without contributing to single-use waste.

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You can get your own KeepCup on Amazon Prime for just $26, and it's available in three different sizes and with three different lids to choose from. Sure, these cups may be made of glass, but they're truly worth their weight in gold.

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