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Jessica Alba's New Diet Gives You All-Day Energy

When Jessica Alba asked her nutritionist for a diet makeover, she got the hookup and we searched for the deets.
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Convinced that her lack of energy wasn't due to inadequate sleep, The Honest Company founder and mom-of-two turned to nutritionist and author Kelly LeVeque, who shared the starlet's revamped diet in a recent interview with Well+Good. With a few helpful tips and tricks, Jessica was able to adjust her eating habits to fuel her busy and lucrative lifestyle. If you're looking to fight fatigue like Alba, try these adjustments below along with adding these 30 Best Foods For All-Day Energy to your diet today.

She Starts Her Day With A Smoothie

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Waking up with a metabolism-boosting smoothie can help fuel your day and flatten your gut, which is the crux of Zero Belly Smoothies! Kelly recommended a smoothie blended with almond butter, chia seeds, a handful of greens, and almond milk. Although Jess loves fruit, they agreed on limiting her intake to a 1/3 frozen banana. "The idea was to balance her blood sugar from the get-go with something that was a great source of fiber. If you do that in the morning, it lays the foundation for the rest of the day," Kelly explained to Well+Good.

She Sticks To The Fab Four Rule

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The Fantastic Four star follows Kelly's Fab Four rule: each meal must include protein, fat, fiber, and greens. That means Jess had to switch up her usual carb-packed vegan rice bowl for a more balanced Fab Four meal to help beat the afternoon slump. This little tweak "worked wonders for her," Kelly gushed.

Her Go-To Snack Is Eat-This!-Approved


Considering she loves chicken quesadillas and hot sauce, we're not surprised that her go-to snack is guacamole! Luckily, avocado is packed with healthy fats, like monounsaturated omega-9s. "Fat breaks down into fatty acids, which help facilitate hormone production and are important for cell development. It also helps elongate your blood-sugar curve and turn off your hunger hormones," Kelly clarified.