The Two Foods Jillian Michaels Refuses to Eat

Cutting these foods out of your diet like the fitness guru has may help you shed those unwanted pounds for good.
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She's published multiple New York Times best sellers, promised fast weight loss with her workout DVDs, and whipped Biggest Loser contestants into shape with her tough love attitude. So how does the fitness expert and mom-of-two do it all while maintaining a killer bod?

"Make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories and make them fun," she told Health magazine. Otherwise, she says, you'll feel too deprived and will be more likely to cave and make poor choices. Clearly, Jillian is a big believer of indulging in moderation (rather than just munching on her top 13 protein foods). And although she enjoys a spoon or two of sorbet, she also makes sure certain offenders don't sneak their way into her diet. Ever. Take a peek at which foods Jillian shuns, and then check out these 30 Weight Loss Tips From Jillian Michaels that will help you drop pounds ASAP.

She Shuns Large Bags of Snack Food

If you ever need a good reason to cut your Costco card, here it is. "Along the same lines as downsizing your portions, never ever buy large bags of chips, pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, whatever," Michaels reveals on her website. "You won't be able to keep track of how many servings you're mindlessly eating. Either buy snacks that come in single-serving bags to keep you from overeating, or immediately portion out those munchies into individual snack bags yourself." It's one of our 18 Ways To Control Your Portion Sizes.

She Steers Clear of Fast Food

Although she leads a busy life as a working mom, Jillian avoids the drive-through almost entirely. When asked if she ever eats fast food, Jillian told Shape: "Not in years. I occasionally have a veggie sandwich from Subway when in a food desert area for work. I have had veggie burritos as well from places like Chipotle, but never a McDonald's or Taco Bell kind of a place."

Even though Jillian steers clear of fast food restaurants, you don't have to give up paying a visit to your beloved burger joint altogether. Enjoying the stuff in moderation, holding off on the dips and melted cheese, and swapping your usual meal for one of these Healthiest Dishes To Order At 20 Fast Food Chains are great ways to stay both slim and sane.

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