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This Fast-Food Chicken Chain Is Expanding

A new location could be opening up soon near you!

Jollibee is famous for "Chickenjoy," its signature fried chicken which is crispylicious on the outside and juicylicious on the inside. If you haven't tried this iconic eat yet, don't fret. The joy of chicken may be in your neighborhood before the end of the year.

The fast-food chicken chain is opening two new locations in California, as well as one in Texas. Delano, near Bakersfield; Torrance, near Los Angeles; and Houston are the three lucky cities, Jollibee recently revealed.

Earlier in the year, 12 stores opened up in three other states. That brings the total number of locations serving Chickenjoy buckets, Jolly Spaghetti, and the decadent Peach Mango Pie in the U.S. to 48. (Other chains haven't been as lucky—here are 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer.)

The new Houston location joins two others around the Texas city. Jollibee also has restaurants in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington. After this year's expansion, there will be just over 60 locations in North America. The chain plans to increase that number to 300 by 2024. More information about the additional locations will be released soon.

Since its beginning in 1998, Jollibee has opened 37 fast-food restaurants around the U.S. The very first location was near San Francisco, in Daly City, Calif. The chain has an even bigger reach across the globe. There are currently 1,300 locations across the world, including 13 in Canada.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all dining rooms in the U.S. are still closed. Call ahead, drive-thru, pick-up, take-out, and delivery options are still available, though.

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