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The Key to Preventing Weight Gain Might Be in Your Coffee Cup

Your morning coffee might be doing much more for you than just waking you up.

Time to rejoice, java drinkers! A new animal study out of University of Georgia found that chlorogenic acid (CGA) curbed insulin resistance and fat accumulation in the livers of obese mice in addition to stymieing the development of diet-induced obesity in mice on a high-fat diet.

The new findings, recently published in Pharmaceutical Research, hold great potential for therapy treatment of obesity-related diseases like Type II Diabetes, though the researchers are quick to remind people this isn't a cure-all for the obesity crisis or its dangerous health effects or a substitute for a diet rich in healthy weight loss foods.

Though CGA treatment didn't diminish the weight of obese mice, it did prevent weight gain and help maintain stable blood sugar levels, factors that could make it easier for people to stick to a regimen of healthy diet and exercise in order to decrease their risk of obesity-related disease. Ready for the bad news? The mice were given injections of CGA that are much higher than what we could possibly consume through coffee or food sources in day.

Before you despair, past studies have shown that sipping your morning cup of joe may lower your risk of chronic diseases and munching on blueberries, apples, pears, and tomatoes will also give your diet a boost of this potent antioxidant – just not as much as the mice were given. In a press release, the researchers said they're "not suggesting that people start drinking a lot of coffee" (cue collective "awww"), but they are hopeful about the future treatments that develop from these findings. We're still adding that to the column of pros of coffee drinking, even if we don't increase our daily dose.