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7 New Things You'll See at KFC When It Reopens

From potato wedges to fountain drinks, some things may be disappearing at the chicken chain.
kfc restaurant exterior

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of changes are on the horizon for restaurants. Even at fast-food chains like KFC, many things won't be the way they were before. For one thing, there will be plenty of new safety measures in place, at least until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available. And for another, factors like increasing supply prices and the meat shortage could affect what's on the menu.

With that in mind, here are a few new things you might see during KFC's reopening. And for more reopening news, Expect These Major Changes at Restaurants in the Days Ahead.



potato wedges from kfc on plate
Courtesy of KFC

Sorry, potato-wedge fans! KFC is now serving fries instead of potato wedges, despite the wedges being a fan-favorite.

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Hand sanitizer

African American Woman Disinfecting Skin With Hand Sanitizer

As reopenings are starting before there's a vaccine, safety is paramount for anyone eating at restaurants. And because KFC food often includes eating with your hands, it's hard to imagine the chain wouldn't have sanitizer on hand for customers' use.

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Plexiglass barriers

kfc social distancing signs in store
Alen Thien/Shutterstock

KFC noted in its coronavirus statement that the chain is "installing Plexiglas counter-top shields that provide an additional barrier between team members and customers to decrease [the] risk of contamination." So if you're ordering at the counter, there will be an extra layer of protection for both you and the KFC workers.

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No more fountain drinks

fountain drink station at kfc

Many fast-food restaurants have stopped letting customers get their own refills, as a precautionary sanitation measure. Expect to get your drink refill at the counter from an employee.


Employees wearing masks

kfc drive thru employee wearing face mask

Another safety measure outlined on KFC's website is that the company is providing face masks for employees. Expect to see their use continue as the restaurant's dining rooms reopen.

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Employees checking in with thermometers


KFC is "supplying all restaurants with touch-free thermometers and implementing procedures to screen each team member for fever before they begin their shift," according to the company's website. That won't affect your meal, but you can rest a little easier knowing the brand is trying to keep sick employees at home.


Limited seating

kfc meal on tray in restaurant

Until there's a vaccine, it's unlikely that restaurants will be operating at full capacity. That means the tables next to yours could be empty (and there might not be a place for you to sit while you eat if the restaurant is busy).

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