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Kylie Jenner Hosted a Lavish Friendsgiving and Saved Beyoncé a Seat—Photos

Yes, even billionaire makeup moguls celebrate Friendsgiving.

Last night, Kylie Jenner rang in the Thanksgiving season the way it's intended: eating way too much food from a gorgeous spread at a meticulously prepared table while surrounded by a group of close friends.

Stars—they're just like us.

At this point, Friendsgiving is such a staple in November that it might as well be declared a national holiday separate from your usual Thanksgiving. For the uninitiated: The weekend before Thanksgiving, people get together and wolf down classic Thanksgiving dishes with friends before going home for the holiday and celebrating with family. Sure, there's usually less space in a starter apartment than in Aunt Ruth's home, and the stuffing can't hold a candle to nana's original recipe. But when you're a young adult, your friends are your family—and Friendsgiving is a time to celebrate that.

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Well, Jenner, 22, is no different. This year, she shared Friendsgiving with a handful of chosen loved ones at an artfully decorated table. And, luckily for the voyeuristic out there, she shared the whole thing with her 151 million Instagram followers.

In a series of posts on Instagram Stories, she showed off her décor skills:

an instagram post of kylie jenner's friendsgiving spread

The menu looked expansive and traditional. First, she started things off with a truly decadent charcuterie board:

an instagram post of the charcuterie board at kylie jenner's friendsgiving

Then, she served up a buffet of candied yams, green bean casserole, and creamy mac-and-cheese:

kylie jenner's friendsgiving buffet

We can't report the exact recipes of each dish, but we can say for sure that the turkey was, as Jenner described, "moist:"

the turkey at kylie jenner's thanksgiving

We can be a little more sure of the guest list. Seated in front of nickname place settings, Jenner opened the dining room to her sister, Kendall, whose name tag read "Daddy Long Legs," and her good friend Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as "1942." But eagle-eyed fans can spot one extremely interesting place setting: Beyoncé.

the beyonce name tag at kylie jenner's friendsgiving

Based on subsequent social media posts—or, rather, the absence of them—it doesn't appear that the Queen Bee actually showed up. But, hey, we like where Kylie's head's at. One can always hope.

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