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Martha Stewart's Tipsy Instagram Comments are Everything You Needed Today

Posting on social media after drinking through quarantine? She's just like us!
martha stewart

Turns out that Martha Stewart is just like us.

The domestic arts, home furnishings, and cooking media mogul is getting attention for leaving what can charitably be called an incoherent comment on Instagram, which she followed with the charming admission that she had been drinking. Who among us?

She posted the comments on an Instagram post by a local egg provider based in hipster destination Marfa, Texas, called The Best Little Hen House in Texas. They had posted a cute, if not rather pedestrian, video of some baby chicks hopping around in a coop, which led Ms. Stewart to comment "Copycat copycat copycat!!!!!!'" It's not totally clear to what she is specifically referencing…

As if to make things less clear, she then added "M as me sure you feed and wAter them daily And keep the heat lss as no BK in s as Nd when you can finally come back to nyc who is going to care for them??"

Yup. We have no idea either.

But, credit to Stewart's charm, she quickly followed that last comment with: "😂What a mess I have been drinking." 

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The coronavirus lockdown has led to a surge of alcohol sales and presumed consumption. So, if Martha Stewart is regrettably posting on social media after a few drinks, then, she is just like many of us. Good on her.

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Take a look at the original Instagram post:

A screen grab was also posted by an Instagram feed in the event that the original comments are deleted:


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We've all been there. #CommentsByCelebs

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Hang in there, Martha! And keep doing you, because you're awesome.

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