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Here's Why McDonald's Controversial Menu Cut Is Likely Permanent

The jury is still out, but the return of All Day Breakfast is nowhere in sight.

McDonald's has arguably been one of the most successful restaurant chains during the pandemic. By implementing a series of menu cuts early on, the fast food giant has managed to streamline their busy kitchen operations and bring more efficiency to their drive-thru which also cut down on customer wait time. (To learn about grocery shortages, check out 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

But some of the menu changes didn't go over so well with the die-hard fans, and one particular announcement had people truly upset on social media—the discontinuation of All Day Breakfast.

The popular feature was dropped from the menu in March, and while the chain didn't want to speculate on the timeline for its return, it did present the change as a temporary one. So when some of the other discontinued items were returned to the menu this summer, all eyes were on McDonald's and its pending decision on the beloved breakfast feature.

It is now almost October and All Day Breakfast is still MIA. Customers haven't forgotten about it and are regularly taking to social media to air their grievances. "When did @McDonalds stop breakfast all day? What type of foolishness is this" and "Yeah so, @McDonalds confirming that they got rid of all day breakfast means that I've confirmed that I have no reason to go to McDonald's after 10am… ever" were just some of the tweets directed at the chain recently.

However, those on the other side of the counter and drive-thu window seem to be quietly celebrating McDonald's lack of action when it comes to the breakfast situation.

It's no secret that McDonald's franchises and employees weren't the biggest fans of the fact that headquarters had them serving breakfast all day long. While revenue for the company increased due to these sales, many franchises saw their operations significantly slowed down and the transition to lunch much more difficult because they were juggling the preparation of too many items.

"I absolutely do not think we should bring it back," one anonymous employee told Business Insider, "It makes us faster, and gives the grill less to worry about."

McD's party line has been that they're evaluating the situation with their franchises, and it sounds like the final verdict on the fate of All Day Breakfast will weigh customer demand against all the benefits the chain is seeing because of its absence from the menu. While the jury is out, don't forget that you can still enjoy a delicious McMuffin—you'll just have to get to the drive-thru before 10:30 am.

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