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The Super Easy Way to Save at McDonald's

Keep a few extra bucks in your piggy bank by doing this before you hit the drive-thru.

A meal at McDonald's isn't meant to leave a dent in your wallet, yet there are more ways to save at the franchise besides ordering from the upgraded dollar menu. If you're looking to shell out fewer bills at the drive-thru, there's a seriously easy (and overlooked) way to do so: Just download the McDonald's mobile app.

Thanks to Reddit user itaxrs1's enlightening question, "Am I missing out by not having the Mcdonald's app?", people are giving us the inside scoop on the fast food joint app's cash-saving deals.

Why You Should Use the McDonald's Mobile App

The Golden Arches' app features deals, such as free medium fries or a free breakfast sandwich with your purchase, buy five McCafé beverages get one free, and $2 off a $10 purchase when you use the app's Mobile Order & Pay feature. In fact, 39 percent of surveyed Americans reported that they ordered their meals via a smartphone app in the past 90 days—and it's no surprise why fast-food-loving folks do so.

Reddit user Amarsir says, "It's probably my favorite app to actually place an order through. The process is very smooth and the pickup super easy." But other Reddit users beg to differ. "I feel like I'm forced to use it if I want to get a decent deal, and employees don't seem to be a big fan. Last time I went, the guy had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned app deals. Just seems to slow things down and creates an extra step for both customer and employee. I'd rather deals were just advertised on the menu itself," Fastfoodmoney states.

If you haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet, we say it's worth giving the Mickey D's app a go. But before you click to order, don't miss our exclusive report, Every Menu Item at McDonald's—Ranked.

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