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McDonald's is Adding Two New Sandwiches to Its Menu

New versions of these menu favorites will be available next year.

Popular menu items like the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and french fries make up about 70% of McDonald's total sales. But "new year, new sandwich" appears to be the unofficial motto of the fast-food chain as it heads into the new year.

Be on the lookout for the debut of the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich in early 2021, the company announced on Monday. The new menu item joins an ever expanding list of chicken offerings, which already includes the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the McChicken. But The fast-food chain hasn't forgotten its roots.

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In a nod to its heritage, McDonald's is also releasing a new burger. Burger King has the Impossible Whopper. Dunkin has the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. Starbucks has the Impossible Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. Now McDonald's is taking on its competitors with plant-based meat options, and the name of its new line draws on the brand's iconic flare—introducing McPlant!

International President Ian Borden said the plant-based series was created "by McDonald's and for McDonald's," according to CNBC. The chain is kicking things off with a meatless burger, but other menu items like chicken may join it in the future. McDonald's is slated to test the new sandwich next year.

These two new menu items are far from the first new menu additions announced this year. Only a few weeks ago, the fast-food chain announced the addition of three new breakfast treats—the apple fritter, blueberry muffin, and the cinnamon roll. The announcement marked the first time that pastries had been added to the menu in almost 10 years.

There have also been big changes over the decades. For more, here's What McDonald's Served the Year You Were Born.

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