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McDonald's Drive-Thru Has Gotten Exactly This Much Faster

Perhaps this might be one of the upsides of life during a pandemic...

Like every restaurant, McDonald's had to adjust exactly how to serve customers as the world was suddenly trying to cope with living during a pandemic. Dining rooms may have been closed, but the drive-thru became the true savior. It's a safe way to still serve loyal Mickey D fans in a, for the most part, limited-contact way. Because adjustments were made, McDonald's drive-thru actually got faster.

That's right—if you have feasted on a Big Mac and some fries anytime the last few months, you might've noticed that your wait time was less and your meal was in your hands quicker than it ever was before.

McDonald's drive-thru actually got 25 seconds faster. Seriously!

Naturally, you might be wondering why…

So what caused McDonald's drive-thru to change?

As you most likely already know, McDonald's scaled back its menu options, cutting salads, sandwiches, breakfast, and dessert items, offering a limited menu of just classic favorites. This limited menu allowed for a more streamlined process at the drive-thru, so employees were able to serve customers at a quicker rate. And while getting your food fast is never a bad thing, many have wondered if this limited menu is actually here to stay, as there are clearly upsides to offering fewer items.

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Rest assured, McDonald's isn't going to stay this way forever. In fact, there is said to be plenty of new additions to the menu in the works. From bringing back items that were removed to possibly adding new chicken-based options and baked breakfast goods, there is plenty of talk to restore the McDonald's menu to its former glory. Who knows, it might just be even better than it ever was before!

"[A] limited menu served a purpose for a period of time, but we have to be also attentive to what the customers are looking for when they come to a McDonald's and I think it's going to vary market by market," the brand's CEO Chris Kempczinski said in a recent press conference.

So it's going to be a bit of a process to determine what you're going to see on McDonald's menus moving forward, and time will tell if adding more options will slow up the drive-thru. But for now, just know you'll save a solid 25 seconds during your stop at the drive-thru, and this is might be a small sliver of good news you're happy to hear.

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