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This Is Supposedly What the Flap on Your McDonald's Fries Box Is Really For

The fast-food French fry box isn't just for show— it might actually help you indulge on the go.

Did you know that McDonald's fries are the mega chain's most popular menu item? While that may not be too surprising to learn, we're sure this new tidbit of information will be: That bendable flap on the box of an order of french fries may actually serve a greater purpose than just simply keeping the crispers warm—it may be a mini-plate for their most compatible condiment…or at least that's what one fan of the beloved fries theorizes.

A tweet from the account @todayyearsoldig on Jan. 04 regarding such a discovery has since gone viral with more than 283 retweets and nearly 700 likes at the time of this posting.

"Did y'all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?" the Twitter user wrote, which shows someone squeezing ketchup onto the bent-back flap of a fry box.

A handful of responders on Twitter shared their joy for the revelation.

While others weren't as impressed.

At least some were funny…

Who knew a French fries box could stir up such a "heated" debate on Twitter? Whether you're behind this discovery or don't even care at all, it's nonetheless another hack that makes eating the "World's famous fries" a little more exciting. Not to mention, ditching the ketchup cup will save a bit of paper, and it removes the hassle of juggling both the cup and the box as you're on the go. But before you write off the ketchup cup forever, the same Twitter user actually unveiled another hack that's in favor of the classic dipping method.

"How old were you when you realized you can unroll the rim of ketchup cups to increase capacity?" the Twitter user asked, which compares a typical ketchup cup beside one with its rims visibly stretched. Another simple tip on how to get the most out of your resources.

Just when you thought you knew the ins and outs of McDonald's, you will be reminded that some people on Twitter are actively looking for even more food hacks on a daily basis.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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