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McDonald's is Making This Major Change to 8,000 Restaurants

The efforts will create 3,500 jobs in several states.

McDonald's announced that it would up its commitment to renewable energy on Dec. 7 with the addition of two new wind farms and a portfolio of solar energy projects. The push is part of a climate action target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from McDonald's restaurants and offices 36% by 2030, the company said.

The total capacity of McDonald's renewable energy projects reaches 1,130 megawatts when combined with the two renewable energy projects it committed to last year. That's enough to power 8,000 restaurants, or about 22% of the company's more than 36,000 stores.

The number of solar panels being added would cover the iconic Central Park in New York City a total of seven times.  The greenhouse emissions being prevented are the same as yanking 500,000 cars from roads for 365 days or planting 40 million trees. (These aren't the only changes the fast-food giant is making in 2020. McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades amid the coronavirus pandemic.)

"The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified McDonald's focus on strengthening the resilience of our communities and the planet," Jenny McColloch, McDonald's vice president of sustainability, said. "As one of the world's largest restaurant companies, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen climate resiliency with our network of franchisees and supplier partners."

The three newly announced projects will will supply 3,400 short-term and 135 long-term jobs across Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Ohio. The company said it would be about halfway to its target goal for sustainability after this year.

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Amanda McDonald
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