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McDonald's May Be Adding This Popular Fast-Food Sandwich to Their Menu

The giant is looking to re-enter Chicken Sandwich Wars with a strong player.

McDonald's may have trimmed their menu down during the pandemic, but some new, delicious additions are in the pipeline for this year, according to speculations.

So far, the chain has made significant cuts to their menu since the beginning of the pandemic. They included suspending all-day breakfast and discontinuing salads and several breakfast items like bagels and parfaits. The fast food giant has also quietly pulled the plug on any further P.L.T. plans—the burger featuring a plant-based Beyond Meat patty was recently removed from the menu after a trial run in Canada.

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But the company is bouncing back by teasing innovation, and experts are venturing guesses on what the new menu items may be. Research firm Gordon Haskett told Business Insider they expect the fast food giant to debut a whole line of chicken sandwiches by the end of 2020.

Without giving away too much, McDonald's confirmed new items are definitely coming soon. "I do know that there is innovation that is planned for later this year that's going to bring some menu items on," CEO Chris Kempczinski said earlier this week.

That the company would be adding a new chicken sandwich is a sensible guess, considering the fact that McDonald's has been experimenting with two chicken sandwiches even before the pandemic. The push for a signature chicken sandwich that could rival the famous offerings from Popeyes and Chick-fil-A has also been voiced by McDonald's franchise owners.

By adding a new crispy chicken sandwich, McDonald's could have a strong contestant in the Chicken Sandwich Wars, redeeming itself for an unsuccessful attempt to beat out the competition with a hastily concocted "spare-parts" chicken sandwich in 2019.

McDonald's has recently announced a plan to add more value items to their menu this year, in a renewed commitment to affordability.

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