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McDonald's and Popeyes Are Offering Free Food Right Now—Here's How to Get It

Two fast-food biggies are currently getting generous with free food.

Two fast-food biggies are currently getting generous with free food.

McDonald's will be showing appreciation for those raising America's future generations with a free breakfast giveaway. Anyone that works in a school, including teachers, administrators, and other school staff, will score a breakfast on the house if they head to their local McDonald's and show a work ID.

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mcdonalds egg mcmuffin and hash brown on tray
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"Together with our Owner/Operators, we're proud to serve the people who make our communities a better place, and this is an important time to say thank you to some of our everyday heroes," said McDonald's president Joe Erlinger in a press release. "We were honored to give away 12 million free Thank You Meals to first responders and healthcare workers last year and now, with educators going above and beyond, we're excited to recognize them in a way only McDonald's can."

The free breakfasts will be served in Happy Meal boxes and will include a breakfast sandwich (pick between an Egg McMuffin, a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, or a Sausage Biscuit), Hash Browns, and a beverage.

The offer is valid until October 15—so there's still a few days to go!

popeyes chicken sandwich combo
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Popeyes, on the other hand, is giving away a free chicken sandwich meal through Grubhub. The offer is valid every single Sunday through December 26 and will include a free Fried Chicken Sandwich combo as well as free delivery for those who spend at least $20 through the delivery platform. So if you're ordering your Sunday lunch for the whole family from Popeyes, one of you is eating for free.

Besides the chicken sandwiches, which are always a safe bet, you may want to taste test the chain's recently launched Chicken Nuggets, too.

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