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The #1 Viral Myth About McDonald's Soda Cups

There's a video circling around about the fast-food chain's small, medium, and large soft drink cups, but don't believe everything you see.

If you type the words "TikTok McDonald's" into your search engine, currently all of the top hits will point to a TikTok video recently posted by user @mykah.mykah. That's the TikTik handle of a young man named Mikah Neufeld, who posted a video of himself dressed very much like a McDonald's employee (with a headset and polo shirt similar to what staffers wear)–albeit without any visible logos or branding from the fast-food chain.

In the brief video, which is captioned, "They do be lying to us doe," Neufeld appears to pour soda from a small beverage cup into a medium cup, and then from the medium cup into a large cup, only to have each vessel filled nearly to the top. It appears that all three sizes of soda cups hold virtually the same amount of liquid. (Related: 108 Most Popular Sodas Ranked By How Toxic They Are.)

@mykah.mykahThey do be lying to us doe, #fyp #fup #foryoupage #mcdonalds♬ Wii store – Huge nonce

Since Neufeld posted the video in March 2020, it has rapidly gone viral, racking up over 11 million views, about 1.6 million likes, and tens of thousands of comments, according to Newsweek. Many TikTok users have expressed shock and outrage with McDonald's in the comment section, but thousands of other viewers also refuted the video, claiming it was an elaborate hoax.

Many viewers pointed out that Neufeld must have previously filled a portion of the medium and large cups with liquid in order to fake the illusion that they each contained the same amount of liquid as a small. (Notice in the video how he never shows the insides of the cups down to the very bottom.) A flood of current and former McDonald's employees have weighed in, saying that the brand's cups are indeed different sizes and can be trusted. Even a reporter at Business Insider conducted their own experiment to confirm the cups are not the same size.

Several TikTok users also pointed out the key fact that every McDonald's soda in the U.S., regardless of size, is sold for one dollar. So, the fast-food restaurant isn't trying to cheat you by charging more for the same amount of soda. Better yet, we'll add another argument: You shouldn't be ordering a soda with your McDonald's meal in the first place! Drinking soda leads to weight gain and countless other health complications. Youll have much more peace of mind if you just stick with water.

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