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The #1 Popular Fast Food Chain, According to Drunk People

People consume over 1,000 calories at this winning chain—yikes!

After a late night of one-too-many rounds of Jose Cuervo, your inhibitions are definitely not as high as the confidence you mustered to text your ex. While drunk texting certainly isn't something most of us are proud of, the questionable decisions we make while intoxicated usually don't end there. That's right, we're talking about drunk dining.

After a long night of drinking, most of us turn to food before we lay our head on a pillow. Our late-night snacking could be spurred by us being conditioned to think stuffing our faces will help us sober up or because studies have shown that drinking alcohol actually can increase our appetite. Regardless of the reason behind why, the people over at were more interested in asking the question, "what?"

The website surveyed over 5,900 people to ask about their post-drinking eating habits, specifically, which fast food chains are drunk people's go-to favorites. The results? Keep reading to find out.

Taco Bell is Drunk People's #1 Go-To Fast Food Restaurant

Almost 41 percent of people surveyed by chose the Mexican-inspired joint as their go-to food stop. (A not-even-close second was McDonald's, with 25.1 percent of intoxicated folks voting for the Golden Arches.) The majority of female respondents reported that they ordered tacos followed by quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and the CrunchWrap Supreme. As for men? They like to dig into burritos, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, quesadillas, and nachos.

Although intoxicated folk enjoy a trip to the Bell late night, the fast food joint isn't a terrible choice if you're concerned about calories. Women average indulging in 715 calories per drunk meal and men 730. On the other hand, bar crawlers who choose to dine at Waffle House end up consuming the largest amount of calories compared to those who visited other restaurants (with women consuming about 949 cals and men gobbling up a whopping 1,009).

Eat This! Tip

Next time you hit the town, steer clear of indulging in a second dinner by practicing better drinking habits. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach and say no to sugary cocktails. Instead, go for alcoholic beverages with benefits, such as antioxidant-packed red wine. "I love a good glass of Burgundy, so that's my first preference," nutritionist Dana James, founder of Food Coach NYC & LA, tells us. "I drink it slower than a cocktail, which ultimately means fewer calories from a boozy night." And if the midnight munchies strike once you're ready to call it a night, be sure to keep these 50 Best Snacks for Weight Loss on hand.