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The Most Popular Place Americans are Getting Takeout From

Data shows that over half of all food deliveries come from a place you may not suspect.

With more Americans eating at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it isn't surprising that many ordered popular takeout or delivery food in addition to cooking. There are tons of delivery services to choose from nowadays that make it easy to get food right from your phone or computer to your doorstep. So it makes sense that — according to data from Influence Central who launched a survey in May asking 630 people about their quarantine food habits — almost 70% of consumers have ordered food recently.

But where have people ordered popular takeout from the most? The answer may surprise you: 60% of them ordered food directly from a restaurant instead of a delivery service. The survey also says people are not worried about leaving the house to pick up their food.

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What about delivery services and apps for popular takeout food?

While DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, Caviar, and more are available, skipping a delivery app and buying straight from a restaurant cuts the app's commission and potential delivery and service fees. This ultimately saves the customer money and gives more to the restaurant. The report also found that of those who ordered food during the pandemic, 87% order from a specific restaurant because they want to help them financially.

Pizza has been the number one popular takeout choice of 79% of people. Fast food is second and American and pub food follow behind. Mexican, Asian and other Italian restaurants round out the list. If you've ordered one of these via takeout because you miss not having to cook, you're not alone. According to the survey, many people miss not having to think about making and serving the meal. Others miss the social aspect of dining-in at a restaurant.

While restrictions are slowly lifting and restaurants are opening back up, there are still risks involved with eating in. Still, carrying out is an option. But if you choose to give your kitchen a night off, precautions are still necessary. As always, it's important to wash your hands regularly and avoid these bad habits at restaurants. And, to stay informed, sign up for our newsletter to get the latest coronavirus foods news delivered straight to your inbox.

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