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Shocking New Video Shows How Fast Germs Spread in Restaurants

You may never eat at a buffet again after watching this experiment.

How safe is it to eat at a restaurant buffet amid the coronavirus outbreak? Or, for that matter, how safe is it to dine at any restaurant? What is the right way to open up the U.S. in a safe and responsible manner while coronavirus cases are still on the rise?

These are just a few questions on the minds of millions of people around the country as states slowly start to reopen. But, before you book any reservations, you may want to watch the following video that illustrates the spreading of germs in an unsettling way.

Japan's public broadcaster NHK has released a video that demonstrates just how quickly germs can spread at a buffet. It's an experiment conducted in light of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing concerns of reopening restaurants while the contagion is still spreading.

The experiment is simple enough: As explained in the tweet below, a small amount of fluorescent paint was put on the hands of one person, who then joins 10 other people to dine at what is described as a cruise ship buffet. Within 30 minutes, the paint had transferred to every single individual in the room, and even to the faces of three other diners.

Watch the video below:

There's no question that buffets will not be opening for some time—perhaps maybe never. And while the video illustrates the dangers of spreading germs in a communal food setting, it doesn't take much imagination to see how traditional kitchen food prep can also be a method in which COVID-19 can be spread easily if the right safety precautions aren't taken.

Yes, germs have always been spread, and that's why people build up a healthy immune system. But, when the virus that is being spread is potentially deadly, that might make diners pause before making their next reservation. And for some more helpful advice you can use for navigating the coronavirus pandemic, make sure you #1 Worst Thing You Can Do at the Grocery Store.

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