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These Beloved Holiday Wines at ALDI Are Cheaper Than Ever

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas...

It's that time of year again—no, not the months of pumpkin everything and Halloween candy. It's Wine Advent Calendar season! Costco already has their version of the beloved holiday box, and ALDI is gearing up to launch theirs.

Last year ALDI sold 20 different versions of the Wine Advent Calendar. The full lineup isn't available just yet, but we now know a lot of the details about the low-cost grocery chain's 2021 Collection Wine Advent Calendar including the launch date, what's inside, and why it's $10 cheaper this year. Here's what you need to know:

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The 2021 ALDI Wine Advent Calendar includes all kinds of wines.

ALDI Holiday calendar
Courtesy of ALDI

There are four different series of wines included in this giant box: Starry Night, Shimmering Lights, Oh Reindeer, and Merry & Bright. They feature favorites like Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pino Noir, and more.

There are 24 bottles total, and each one is 187 milliliters. That is equal to about 1/4 of a regular-sized bottle of wine, and enough to get a good taste.

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Why is it cheaper?

wine bottles with corks

A spokesperson for the store told Eat This, Not That! the reason for the discount—and you'll instantly notice it when picking the calendar up off the shelf. All of the wine bottles are made with plastic bottles this year instead of glass, making them more compact, less breakable, and weigh less. They are also 100% recyclable.

Last year the same calendar was $69.99 and was a sell-out for ALDI, so it's safe to say that this trend could continue into this year since shoppers will save $10.

When will the ALDI Wine Advent Calendar be available?

ALDI Holiday calendar
Courtesy of ALDI

Shoppers won't be able to pick up this calendar just yet—which saves the temptation to start it before Dec. 1. Mark your (actual) calendars, though, for the launch day on Wednesday, Nov. 3, or what ALDI is calling National Advent Calendar Day—which is the name the chain gave the day last year.

More calendars will be available, too, throughout the rest of November and December.

There's also a cheese version!

ALDI Holiday calendar
Courtesy of ALDI

What's better than wine? Wine and cheese! Pair the 2021 ALDI Wine Advent Calendar with the chain's Emporium Selection Advent Cheese calendar for 24 nights leading up to Christmas. Inside each flap are favorites like Gouda, Red Leicester, Cheddar, and more.

While all this news is particularly exciting for Holiday fans and those who like to start celebrating when they feel the first hint of a chill in the air, ALDI says there is more information coming in October, so stay tuned!

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