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Amazon is Getting Rid of This Grocery Store For Good

You'll never be able to "just walk out" of this grocery store ever again. (Kind of.)

The Amazon Go Grocery stores that don't require you to check out are either closing or being rebranded as "Amazon Fresh" stores, the company recently announced. They lasted about a year.

The location in Redmond, Wash, near Microsoft's headquarters, will shut down, but the Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle will remain open as an Amazon Fresh store, according to Geek Wire. Amazon Fresh is in the middle of a huge expansion—the first location opened in Los Angeles in 2020, then came 11 more, and now, almost 30 locations are set to unveil this year.

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The stores first launched in February 2020 and allowed customers to take what they want, put it into bags as they shopped, then simply walk out while scanners and tech took care of charging and payment. This technology isn't going anywhere, and will be used in the Seattle rebranded Amazon Fresh store. Other larger Amazon Fresh locations will still have checkout lanes and cashiers.

But, as Geek Wire says, it's been "a little confusing to track [Amazon's] various new grocery options" including Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, and Amazon Prime.

Bottom line is that Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery are being phased out in favor of Amazon Fresh. Locations are also using all the technology Amazon has been working on recently, including smart Dash carts, Ask Alexa stations, digital price tags, and even palm pay—which can even be used at Whole Foods.

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Amanda McDonald
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