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Amazon Just Shut Down This Grocery Service for Good

The retail giant says goodbye to Amazon Pantry after six years in operation.
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In 2014, Amazon launched Pantry (originally known as "Prime Pantry"), a service for its Prime members that sold not only groceries but also other kitchen and household essentials that the company started charging $5 per-month for in 2018. Last week, the company shut down the service for good, folding all of its Amazon Pantry offerings into the larger Amazon store.

"As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, we have decided to transfer Amazon Pantry selection to the main store so customers can get everyday household products faster, without an extra subscription or purchase requirement," a company spokesperson noted in an email to Bloomberg News. (For more on what foods to actually buy, make sure to check out the 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)

Pantry was launched as a way to target customers' kitchens and offer a way for Amazon to compete with local grocery stores more directly. For a monthly fee, Pantry customers could get unlimited essentials—from foods to cleaning supplies—assuming that their bills exceeded $40 per month. (If customers didn't reach that figure, they were charged a $7.99 fee.) The retail giant's marketing pitch for the service was: "Skip the trip to the grocery store and let us do the heavy lifting."

Fast forward to 2021, and Amazon's enormous footprint in the food and grocery world looks markedly different. The company acquired Whole Foods in 2017 and today offers its Fresh and Whole Foods delivery services—both of which have soared since the onset of lockdowns early last year. Given the success of those efforts—and the fact that Amazon is rolling out its own Amazon Go grocery stores—it's tough to say how many Amazon users will truly miss Pantry.

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