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America's Largest Sandwich Chain Is Bringing Back This Popular Discontinued Item

Fans of this classic are celebrating.

If there's one kind of story Americans love, it's a comeback story. And in this case, the comeback is one that follows loud complaints from disappointed customers.

In the summer of 2020, Subway fans (and some blindsided franchise operators) were outraged when the company decided to cut two of its best-selling sandwiches from the menu. The Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken sandwiches were nixed and the move seemed permanent.

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But then the chain announced earlier this year that it was going to bring both items back. While the Rotisserie Chicken sandwich made a swift return, the Roast Beef was vaguely set to be reintroduced to the menu sometime this fall.

It took many more months for the return of the roast beef, but the popular protein is finally back at Subway. The announcement that the RoastBeef sandwich would be back on the menu was met with cheering from fans, who lit up Twitter with comments like "Yeah!!! Roast beef is backkkkkk!!!!" and "There is no sandwich more perfect than a roast beef sandwich."  Others professed they'll return as a customer to Subway, thanks to the menu addition: "Roast beef is my fav sammich. Quit going to subway when they got rid of it."

And the beloved sandwich isn't only back, but is back as a better version of its former self. The new-and-improved Roast Beef sandwich now features premium oven-roasted Choice Angus Roast Beef—Subway's improved-quality roast beef—topped with lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions (but it's customizable, of course.)

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Steven John
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