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This Beloved Burger Chain Will Roll Out a Brand-New Way to Place Your Order

Next year, let your car order your burger.

Your car could soon become your waiter, point of sale, and guide whenever you want a burger. At least as far as BurgerFi is concerned. The popular fast-casual chain has just announced a partnership with in-vehicle retail platform which will allow drivers to tell their car their order and rely on it to get them to the pickup point. The whole thing will require no hands and no actual contact with the restaurant, according to QSR Magazine. is a global retail marketplace that brings curated shopping to the dashboard of your car. The platform streamlines a driver's ability to connect with everything from pharmacies and grocery stores to car wash locations, and, of course, restaurants. The purchasing process is conducted hands-free via voice and data displayed on the vehicle's dashboard screen. The driver simply engages the system, verbally states what they want to buy, and is then met with a list of suitable recommendations. The user next places a specific order, again via voice, and the system coordinates placing the order and GPS guidance, leading the driver to the pickup destination, complete with their own real-time ETA and the status of the order.

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BurgerFi will be the first restaurant to launch in-car ordering via new 5G cars debuting next summer as the brand is currently on the leading edge of in-car commerce.

The new platform is but one piece of technology the forward-looking chain is trying out. BurgerFi is also implementing a robotic food delivery (and tray and trash removal) robot that will provide table service for in-house diners. Named Patty the Robot, the automated server is currently in a test phase in one Florida BurgerFi location.

There are currently about 120 BurgerFi locations across the country, but the chain has been expanding rapidly in recent quarters. If the new initiatives are successful, that expansion will only speed up.

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