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Grocery Shoppers Are Arguing That This Is the Best Way to Save Money on Food

Grab a pen and paper—or maybe your phone—to write this down.

Nothing screams of a good sale quite like a grocery sale. Shoppers are always in search of the best ways to save money and tend to discover new methods while doing so.

While the loyal shopping list, clearance rack, and clipping coupons remain staple practices for saving money, shoppers recently discussed in a massive Reddit thread that ordering groceries online is the best way to cut costs—and it all has to do with convenience.

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"I just did my first online grocery order! It showed me all the coupons/specials I could use, so I saved about $7.30! Definitely doing it this way from now on," wrote the Reddit user about ordering online. They also note that "…the app made it much more easy for me to locate coupons and specials than if I just looked around the store."

Other shoppers heartily agree with the benefits of online ordering, especially since the mobile apps gave them better control of both what to purchase and what to avoid.

online grocery shopping

Within the same thread, another Reddit user @Vast-Ad-4251 wrote that they no longer succumbed to impulse buying like they would if they were shopping in-store. According to the user, "…I usually shop the markdowns at the end of the aisle, but I actually spend less now because I only order what I need & I'm not tempted by things I dont!"

Though some stores like Aldi charge a small pickup fee, Reddit user @meganxnightmare says that it's worth the extra $2 if it means that the app would alleviate the stress of tracking expenses. The convenience of online grocery store apps even allowed them to "adjust if we're going over budget" and avoid leaving the house and going inside the store at all.

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