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Bobbly Flay Just Struck a Deal to Remain at Food Network

The celeb chef took to Instagram to celebrate the news. Here's what we know about his newly inked deal.

In October, we reported that Bobby Flay was leaving Food Network—his working home for 27 years—due to contract disputes. Flay, it seemed, wanted more money in light of his fellow network chef, Guy Fieri, pulling in a record $80 million deal. Well, strike that and reverse it. Today Variety reports that Discovery, the parent company of Food Network, resumed talks with Flay's side and a deal has been reached that will keep the celebrity chef on the network for at least another three years.

While terms of the deal were not readily available, one can only guess that it competes with the contract that Guy Fieri signed. Flay and his fellow chefs seem over the moon with the new arrangement.

Earlier today, Flay shared an Instagram post of a prop from his beloved Food Network show, Beat Bobby Flay, stating, "Just when we thought we taped the last episode ever….Guess I'm gonna have to bring this back…" He then included a link to the Variety article.


Many of Flay's fellow chefs commented on the good news, including friend and celebrity chef cohort Michael Symon who quipped in the comments, "Don't call it a comeback" to which Flay replied, "I've been here for years."

Flay's Plans for the Future

Discovery's pending merger with WarnerMedia, the parent company of HBO and CNN, opens up loads of opportunities for Flay in the coming months. In an interview with Variety, Flay says: "It's always been my determination to always evolve. It's part of why I've been able to stay relevant in this genre. I'm going to be pitching a lot of things that we haven't seen when it comes to this kind of programming. I'm ready to turn the page and create a new chapter of what (foodie TV) is going to look like."

What could we see Flay star in next? Maybe "a travel show for CNN or a cool new series for HBO Max," the celeb chef says. All ideas are on the table now.

Beyond the fresh new deal with Discovery, Flay has had a memorable month. His horse Pizza Bianca won a race at the Breeder's Cup, where he also introduced his brand-new girlfriend… Not bad for a 17-year-old who dropped out of high school to pursue dreams of becoming a chef.

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