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This Regional Grocery Store Chain Is Now Serving Breakfast

"Not a morning person? You will be."

Making a decadent and filling breakfast in the morning is the goal but sometimes it's a lofty one. That's why restaurants and fast-food chains thrive off the morning rush, and so it makes sense that grocery stores, filled with meal kits and prepared foods, want to get in on the early morning action.

One grocery store chain is doing just that and recently announced its new breakfast menu which they call the "Best Breakfast in America." Find out all about it below, and for more, check to see if the store is on the list of the best supermarkets in America, according to a new survey.

"Our new breakfast menu is a real eye-opener."

hy vee grocery store

The "Mealtime To Go" curbside prepared food service started in April 2020 at Hy-Vee and is now available at all 275 stores in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, says Nation's Restaurant News. But the breakfast portion of the menu launched in late June.

Customers can now place breakfast orders online or on the Hy-Vee app. Then they head to the Hy-Vee location in their neighborhood and park in a designated "Mealtime To Go" spot and call the number on the sign to signal their arrival. It takes about 20-30 minutes to make the food, and once it's ready, the order is brought out to the customer's car.

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Hy-Vee is serving all the classic breakfast staples.

Hy-Vee breakfast
Courtesy of Hy-Vee

The Mealtime To Go curbside pickup service at Hy-Vee is now serving up "everything from classic skillets to apple pie pancakes, morning cocktails to stuffed French toast, omelets to waffles, platters and more." The variations do depend on the location, so it's best to check before you send in an order.

There are also cocktails available.

Hy-Vee breakfast
Courtesy of Hy-Vee

If brunch is a boozy one, Hy-Vee is prepared. Get a 'Mosa, 'Ria, 'Rita, Bloody Mary, Irish Coffee, Gin n' Juice, and more with your flapjacks or eggs.

The new Hy-Vee breakfast service also just broke a world record.


When the Hy-Vee location in Blue Springs, Mo. started serving pancakes on June 24, it took chefs 7 hours and 16 minutes to make 13,000 and set a new world record, says a local news station FOX4. (The previous record was set in Moscow, Russia in 2017 with 12,716 pancakes.)

"An adjudicator from Guinness World Records was present during the event and declared Hy-Vee as the new record title holder for largest serving of pancakes," the chain said in a statement. "All 13,000 pancakes were donated to Harvesters – The Community Food Network, which is the regional food bank in the greater Kansas City area."

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