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This Popular Dating App Is Opening Its Own Cafe

They're taking online connections to a new level.

While the pandemic caused some food and beverage businesses to dial back operations or even shut down completely, it created an impetus for some daring entrepreneurs to enter unchartered restaurant territory. That's the case for one of the world's most revolutionary dating apps, as they prepare to open their first restaurant later this month.

Bumble will open a restaurant-café, Bumble Brew, in New York City on July 24. Bumble Brew will start with breakfast service and expand to lunch and dinner service on July 31 and August 7, respectively. Bumble's new restaurant establishment is reportedly situated on Kenmare Street in downtown Manhattan's Nolita.

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Bloomberg reports that the Bumble eatery had initially been slated for fall 2019 opening. However, some issues with permitting may have been a blessing in disguise, as the pandemic drastically changed operators' circumstances and consumers' needs over the past year and a half.

So while the original concept behind Bumble Brew had been to create a place where patrons could meet over "date-friendly" dishes, leaders behind Bumble's restaurant realized that what humans crave most these days is genuine connection. So while messy dishes like twirly pastas and layered sandwiches were reportedly absent from the original menu, now a spaghetti dish and burger both are.

The concept seems to be all about style with approachability, as it's reported many menu items are around $20 but are rather gourmet-inspired dishes. Bumble head of brand partnerships, Julia Smith, says Bumble's restaurant is meant to be a "safe space for healthy and equitable relationships and connections."

Leaders of Bumble Brew add that the New York City restaurant launch is a "testing ground" for future ways Bumble might naturally evolve to facilitate more in-person connections between people.

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