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Burger King Brings Back These Beloved Chicken Nuggets After 10 Years

BK is testing this old fan favorite starting this week.

It seems like the Burger King brand knows how to appeal to their longtime loyal customers. While Burger King executives recently announced that they were eyeing plans to take their breakfast bigger, BK is now bringing back a chicken nugget menu item that fans loved royally a decade ago.

QSR has reported that due to popular demand, Burger King will bring back their Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets on Monday, May 17. This will mark the first time that the fast-food chain will feature the Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets on their menu since they dropped them in 2011.

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Reportedly, the white-meat nuggets will be available in a 10-piece order for the budget-friendly price of $1.49. It may sound good, but there's a catch: Burger King is testing this menu item temporarily, only until May 25, and the Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets are not available nationwide—in fact, at this time, they will only be available in select locations within the Miami metropolitan area. (This happens to be where Burger King's headquarters are based.)

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