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Burger King Just Launched a Super Spicy Version of Its Chicken Nuggets

Do they warrant the name?

After launching two new sandwiches in July, the Breakfast Bacon King, a premium egg sandwich, and Garlic Bacon King, a new burger, Burger King is now expanding its chicken menu as well.

Joining their Chicken Nuggets are the Ghost Pepper Nuggets, the spicy version that promises to knock your socks off with the heat of the notoriously intense ghost peppers.

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The new Ghost Pepper Nuggets are made of white meat chicken pieces just like their regular counterparts but are covered in home-style breading which is doctored up with the fiery spice.

They're going to become available nationwide starting October 11, but fans can get early access to these babies today through the chain's mobile app. You'll be able to get a 4-piece order with one dipping sauce or 8 pieces with two dipping sauces of your choice. The latter is priced at $1.49 for a limited time to celebrate the launch.

Seeing as ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in the world, it's hard to believe that the chain's new offering will follow through on the promised heat which would be tough to bear for most of their customers. But the name sure has a nice ring to it—especially in anticipation of Halloween.

However, while they might not be the spiciest thing in fast food, these nuggets definitely pack some serious heat. YouTube reviewer Peep This Out tried them and called them "hyper-spicy," describing how their heat creeps up slowly and begins to build in the throat the more you eat. Another thing he liked about them? The crispness of the coating and the quality of the chicken.

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