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Chick-fil-A's Popular Secret Menu Item Is Now Officially On the Menu

It has been one of the most requested drinks for years.

Chick-fil-A announced this week it will be adding a brand new beverage to its menu, and the company already knows it'll be a fan favorite because it has been one of the most popular secret menu items at Chick-fil-A for years.

According to the company's blog, the popular mixture of their regular Lemonade and Freshly-Brewed Sweetened Iced Tea is one of the most frequently requested drinks, and now the company is making the hybrid official by adding it to the menu under the name Sunjoy. The moniker is meant to represent a combination of "sunshine" and "joy" as well as the color of the drink.

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You'll be able to further customize Sunjoy by swapping in Unsweetened Iced Tea or Diet Lemonade. The drink will be available by the gallon or in 16-ounce bottles, as well as on Chick-fil-A's catering menu.

The company has recently made several changes to its food offerings. Just this week, it launched a new kale salad, the first new entrée to be rolled out nationally in five years. The chain is also consolidating the sizes of its coffee drinks, ice cream cones, milkshakes, and Kid's Meals, which is coming up against criticism from customers.

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