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This Popular Dine-In Chain Just Launched a New Chicken Sandwich

What makes this one stand out? The Secret Sauce.

In 2021, if you don't have a crispy chicken sandwich on the menu, are you even a relevant restaurant chain? Chili's has heard this message loud and clear, which is why it just announced its own crispy chicken creation on a bun. As the fast-food trend broke barriers into casual dining, we're likely going to be seeing more and more full-service players in the Chicken Sandwich Wars.

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At first glance, Chili's Chicken Sandwich doesn't stand out in the crowded space of similar items. It seems to be a pretty standard pairing of hand-breaded and fried chicken breast and a brioche bun. The only difference here is that it's slathered with two layers of the chain's new Secret Sauce. It also includes lettuce and tomato instead of pickles, which resembles some of the more deluxe chicken sandwich offerings at other chains.

But Chili's begs to differ, claiming they've got a real winner here.

"We didn't want to create just another chicken sandwich. We're all about food perfection and wanted to create the best chicken sandwich. And that takes time," said Michael Breed, Chili's vice president of marketing, in a statement. "We've been testing a chicken sandwich and our new Secret Sauce for over a year to ensure we give our Guests the perfect bite—a bite that's full of flavor and makes you want another bite and another—and we've done just that with the Chili's Chicken Sandwich."

Breed added that the Secret sauce will make the sandwich pop. Plus, thanks to a 3 for $10 promotion Chili's is using to launch the item, customers can get an appetizer and a drink to go with their sandwich.

You can get the new deal and the new item when you order through the Chili's mobile app for dine-in, takeout, or delivery. The item will be available for a limited time at all 1,200 locations nationwide.

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