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Chipotle Finally Releases This Long-Requested Menu Item

It's the first customizable menu addition in 17 years.

We haven't heard from Chipotle in a minute, but we're glad to know the fast-casual chain hasn't stopped listening to customers as it innovates. For years, quesadillas have been both a frequently requested secret menu item and a hot topic of conversation on social media. Now, Chipotle has officially added this popular entrée to its lineup.

If you have a craving for one, you've been able to ask your local Chipotle to make you an off-the-books quesadilla using tortillas, cheese, and your favorite protein. The chain finally began testing its Hand-Crafted Quesadilla in select areas last summer, and there's something special about the official quesadilla. For meltier cheese and quicker service, this entrée is pressed using a new custom oven in Chipotle's Digital Kitchen.

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Because Hand-Crafted Quesadillas are a digital-only menu item, you can only order one through Chipotle's app or website. They'll come in a compostable tray with room for three salsas or sides of your choosing. Yes, hand-mashed guac is still extra!

"We're so excited to answer the call from fans and introduce one of the most highly anticipated menu items in our brand's history," Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer for Chipotle, said in a news release. "The Hand-Crafted Quesadilla brings so many new possibilities to our menu, and fans will love exploring fresh flavor combinations through its sides and salsa options."

Chipotle is notorious for calmly sailing along with its core menu, and it announces new additions much more rarely than competitors like Taco Bell. In fact, the quesadilla is Chipotle's first customizable menu addition in 17 years.

But there have been exciting new ingredients added to the menu more recently. Since 2019, the chain has introduced carne asada, cauliflower rice, queso blanco, and a supergreens salad mix to its menu.

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