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Chipotle Is Cancelling This Major Annual Promotion

The beloved chain is going virtual for Halloween festivities.

For some two decades now a Halloween costume has been able to earn Chipotle customers great deals if not outright free food, but the chain has some sad news—the festive in-person promotion is being suspended for the second year in a row, according to USA Today.

The reason for the cancellation is not due to lack of popularity with customers or the company's enthusiasm for the promotion—the in-person portion of the annual Boorito celebration is off in the name of safety during the ongoing pandemic.

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Whereas in years past, customers who wore a costume to a Chipotle on Halloween or on days leading up to it could get menu items for very low prices (Boorito-discounted were $3 up through 2017, rising to $4 thereafter), this year there are no savings offered for showing up to one of the chain's restaurants in costume. But there is still a way to enjoy savings or even potential free food this Halloween season.

Chipotle has partnered with the online gaming platform Roblox to create the Chipotle Boorito Maze, interactive maze users can navigate while their online avatar wears a Chipotle-themed costume, such as a Burrito Mummy or Guacenstein. For four days, from October 28 through the 3, the first 30,000 users to successfully navigate the virtual maze will get a code valid for a free burrito, according to Roblox.

And even those who don't manage to complete the maze fast enough (or don't bother to try at all) can enjoy Halloween-related savings. From 5 p.m. through closing on Halloween day, anyone ordering via the Chipotle app or website can use the promo code BOORITO for a $5 burrito.  Those codes will remain useable through November 14, and they are limited to one per customer.

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