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Costco and Aldi Are the Top-Ranking Grocery Stores for This

They outrank other grocers like Walmart and Kroger.

More than 68,000 people worldwide helped rank the most reputable companies on the planet, and Costco and ALDI are the only two grocery stores that made the list.

The 2021 Global RepTrak 100 measured corporate reputations by looking at data like a customer's willingness to buy from or recommend a brand. Costco and ALDI both made the list for the first time ever, ranking in 78th and 65th place, respectively. They both trailed the top three companies—Lego, Rolex, and Ferrari—by about 6 points.

"With a raging global pandemic, a financial crisis, protests against systemic racism, and multiple continents on fire—all at the same time—there were many ways that companies could go wrong," RepTrak wrote in the report. "Instead, the top 100 emerged with stronger-than-ever reputations."

The success of these two grocers might come as no surprise, given that they both supplied consumers with necessary household goods in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. "Household and personal products companies lead the way after a year when the world depended on them for productivity, entertainment, comfort, and safety," Progressive Grocer Executive Editor Gina Acosta wrote.

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RepTrak's ranking looked at companies with global revenue above $2 billion. Costco brought in about $122 billion last year, while ALDI made around $110 billion. Notably absent from the top 100 rankings was Walmart, which brought in about $523 billion; the Schwarz Group, which owns and operates the low-cost grocery chain Lidl, and made about $133 billion last year; and Kroger, which did similar business to Costco, according to Retail Insight Network.

It isn't a secret that grocery shoppers love these two top-ranking supermarkets. Lots of Costco products have extremely loyal fan bases, and ALDI lures customers with the promise of low prices.

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