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Costco Is Officially Bringing Back These 4 Beloved Warehouse Perks

The warehouse chain continues to inch closer and closer to "normal."

Nearly 15 months after the COVID-19 pandemic turned "normal" grocery shopping upside down, Costco's chief financial officer says shopping at the warehouse will be almost business as usual by the end of June.

"The first wave will actually determine how fast we roll out and what, and when restrictions are lifted," CFO Richard Galanti said recently on an earnings call, per Business Insider.

So grab your membership card and reusable bags because it's time to shop! (Be sure to note the Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists, though.)



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"I'm happy to report that over the coming weeks we'll begin a phased return to full sampling," in 170 out of 550 U.S. warehouses by the first week of June, Galanti said. Adding that "most of the remaining locations" will return to it by the end of the same month. However, there will still be plexiglass barriers separating customers from Costco employees preparing the samples in smaller batches and they will be handed out one by one, CNN says.

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costco food court

You may have heard that a new churro was being tested last fall at the Costco food court, but now all members will get to try it by July 4, Galanti said. Some locations already have it, but, uh, the reviews are somewhat mixed.

Some fans like the new version (which is bigger, but also $0.49 more), while others just say it's too hard and dry.


New Ice Cream

menu at costco featuring acai bowl and churros

Bye-bye frozen yogurt, there's a new ice cream coming to the food court. While there's no word yet on the nutritional information, one registered dietitian said the Vanilla Frozen Yogurt was the least nutritious treat among the smoothies, ice creams, and churros on the food court menu. Just one serving had 410 calories, 88-94 grams of carbs, and 60-70 grams of sugar! That's like eating six to seven glazed Krispy Kreme donuts or about 16 Oreos.

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Food Court Seating

costco food court signs and seating

In the middle of May, a member of one Costco in Arizona posted on Reddit a picture of picnic tables back indoors. They said there were about eight—which is a considerably smaller amount than there was pre pandemic (when there were about 40). With the mask mandate lifted for members who are fully vaccinated, Galanti said that most Costco locations will get this feature back, but with more separation and about "half the seating capacity" as before. This means tables with four seats instead of six or eight, CNN notes.

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